Convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen

SUBMITTED BY: Holly Taylor

My idea is to make a device that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. It could be like an air purifying device that is placed inside the exhaust pipes in cars, thus stopping emissions before they are even a problem. Now I have no idea how to make something like this or if it is even possible but if there is someone who would know and that would like to help make this idea a product…



What if you buried sponges in the top of your dirt, would they hold the water longer before they let it all go away, and so getting more from it, more cooling more absorbed into plants, because it is there longer, wouldnt it allow the planet to cool better if the water stayed closer to the surface longer?

OECD Report

LOCATION: Vancouver Island, Canada

The latest report from the OECD is out. It warns that governments must take action to avoid “catastrophic” changes to the global climate.

The hope is that the report will influence bureaucrats, legislators, and corporations to take action now to benefit those who will occupy the globe in the future.

Fat chance.

The problem, according to experts, is twofold:

1. Corporations work on a three-month reporting cycle for profit and loss. Long-term planning is not on the radar. Similarly, politicians can only see past a four or five year window, the time in which they have to secure their re-election.

2. A cultural belief exists that economic growth trumps all other social interests. Until this balloon pops, nothing will change.

Here in Canada, where I live, our federal government is taking steps to weaken environmental law and promote the building of multiple pipelines to carry crude and bitumen to the US and Asia.

The media, controlled by a handful of pro-growth interests, are intent on hiding news such as the release of the OECD report on the back pages.

Here’s the report:,3746,en_21571361_44315115_49897570_1_1_1_1,00.html

Shoe Power

LOCATION: Philippines

All of us walk at least 5 km a day from the time we wake up until we go back to bed. We can collect walking energy and convert it to electricity. Using a shoe that generates and stores electricity you will have enough power to charge your phone or night lamps from a day’s travel.

Parking Lot Power Grid

LOCATION: Philippines

Imagine all those thousands of cars parked for hours in a shopping mall with unused electricity stored in their batteries.

Each car could donate up to 50% of its battery level in exchange for free parking and help recover the parking lot’s usage of electricity. Or for huge parking facilities, cars could be attached to a power grid to power community needs and to offset carbon emissions while vehicles are not in use.

It only takes a few minutes to recharge the battery of a car while driving, then it’s ready again to donate the next time it parks.

Green Land Clearing

LOCATION: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

When people clear land around here for houses and malls, etc. they stack the brush in piles and then burn it. Tons of CO2 go up into the air.

Instead, there should be a machine that can turn this land clearing waste into charcoal, which is a natural fertilizer and excellent carbon sequestration device. Or the debris could be chipped and used for landscaping purposes or compost.