A Green Pen

Mario Negovetich

I searched for the retail prices of the 12 most popular Brand of plastic ball pens in Australia.

The average price is $2.90. Australia uses and discards every year 50 million pens, at a cost of $145 million. All plastic pens should be green, with a replaceable ink filler. An ink filler cost wholesale $ 0.10, retail? $0.30? 50 million ink fillers at $0.30 cost $15 million, a savings of $130 million, every year.

Worldwide 12 billion plastic pens are used and discarded. Governments should promote the use of green pens.

3 thoughts on “A Green Pen

  1. I have so many pens around the house, I don’t even know where they come from. I’d never buy refills. But you’re right, there ought to be some way to deal with them when they’re used up. Maybe better trash organization, collection?

  2. when people get aware of the positive impact , they could begin to have recycle places for an assortment of things, like aluminum cans here, pens there, where i live, they have this grocery store that has like seven different recycle containers, and people take the few seconds to determine into which to throw their trash, its such a good idea, who hasnt wanted to toss an mt soda cup down, but that could be tomorrows paper, when tossed into the correct receptacle, you got a good idea there, pens have ink and some sort of metal, and lots of plastic, ha ha ha ,. you could have a glass wall, which i may ramble on about at another time lol

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