Utility Exercise Credit

Sodderhamn, SE

Here’s a crazy idea I just had. You register at an official gym where they have exercise machines that generate power to the electrical grid, like a treadmill or lifting machine, etc. Feedback from the machine tells you how many calories — and how many watt-hours — you produce.

Now when you login, your electrical utility can monitor your contribution and discount your home billing by an automated credit. The more you work out, the more you save.

The credit could be slightly lower than the normal rate to offset administration and maintenance costs of such a system, resulting in a break-even scenario for the utility.

Where I live, both health care and electrical power are supplied essentially by the government through taxes. A lot of money is spent on both promoting fitness and energy conservation. A program like this could accomplish both at the same time and have a real impact.

There — that’s my idea.

Shoe Power

Ron Valerio

All of us walk at least 5 km a day from the time we wake up until we go back to bed. We can collect walking energy and convert it to electricity. Using a shoe that generates and stores electricity you will have enough power to charge your phone or night lamps from a day’s travel.

Treadmill Power

Daniel Dybowski

What about a gym where people go exercise, and run on tread-mills – BUT! – these tread-mills generate power to return to the electric grid.

It’s a great idea, but of course I’m poor, and have no means of starting this business, and would rather give it to you to give to someone else who has the means to implement such an idea. Thank you.