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LOCATION: Vancouver Island, Canada

The latest report from the OECD is out. It warns that governments must take action to avoid “catastrophic” changes to the global climate.

The hope is that the report will influence bureaucrats, legislators, and corporations to take action now to benefit those who will occupy the globe in the future.

Fat chance.

The problem, according to experts, is twofold:

1. Corporations work on a three-month reporting cycle for profit and loss. Long-term planning is not on the radar. Similarly, politicians can only see past a four or five year window, the time in which they have to secure their re-election.

2. A cultural belief exists that economic growth trumps all other social interests. Until this balloon pops, nothing will change.

Here in Canada, where I live, our federal government is taking steps to weaken environmental law and promote the building of multiple pipelines to carry crude and bitumen to the US and Asia.

The media, controlled by a handful of pro-growth interests, are intent on hiding news such as the release of the OECD report on the back pages.

Here’s the report:


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  1. it would seem as if its time we started conserving individually, in that way we have less dependency of their power, to use less water we dont let the rain just wash away so quickly, we have dripping cups that hold in for a day or so, we find a way to harness static electricity, or lightning, when we research lightning, and learn to harness that . . . , lets take some of the power from the huge …

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