4 thoughts on “Sand Turbine

  1. I see some logic in this, if we had a funnel with sand in it and its mouth led onto a large winged fan then the falling sand could be a heavy enough substance to turn the fan.

    Would this be effective? It might.. Considering that we place it in a large cylinder and use multiple smaller fans (easier to move) to generate electricity. How are we getting the sand out of the cylinder?

    Solution! Keep the bottom of this cylinder an open grid to catch the sand droppings into carts that are pulled by one device or another!

    Hope the input is food for thought!

  2. That is very inefficient how would the sand be able to turn a turbine and how would this even work the use of sand would clog the turbine and damage any of its moving parts.

  3. We can add moisture detectors and dryers to our setup.If the moisture content exceeds a desired limit it could be dried and then used. At least it would b better than a hydraulic turbine in which we have to control the flow of water… if we fail to do so it leads to accidents (eg.floods), the entire area near the dam would b destroyed…..but such accidents can b prevented in sand turbines.

  4. How do we ensure steady supply of sand? If we plan to reuse sand (collected below fan) then we will have to port/lift it to a higher altitude to pour it again on fan which would itself need energy which would significantly reduce the net energy generated.
    However I have heard hydro power stations reuse water but not sure how much percentage of energy is used to lift the water back to higher altitude

    Also I feel using sand would cause more wear and tear of fan as compared to water

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