Shoe Power

Ron Valerio

All of us walk at least 5 km a day from the time we wake up until we go back to bed. We can collect walking energy and convert it to electricity. Using a shoe that generates and stores electricity you will have enough power to charge your phone or night lamps from a day’s travel.

2 thoughts on “Shoe Power

  1. would that require a heavy storage unit ? maybe friction between the pantlegs could generate static elec. , i love the shoe idea, maybe a form of compression spring, so with each step as it absorbs our impact energy it utilizes it some place else or stores it

  2. i think its a great idea, the weight of the battery or .. came to mind immediately, what if you place springs in the floor of heavy traffic areas, like the mall or .. living room or, you generate power just by pacing as you try try to think of ways to save the planet , straws under the carpet and as we walk we compress those straws and cushion our feet, youve got a great idea there,

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