Solar Panels on Cars

Rob Greenhalgh
Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Have solar panels on the roof of the car collecting and storing energy to help when the car is plugged in to recharge. It would save some of the energy in recharging.

2 thoughts on “Solar Panels on Cars

  1. thats a great idea, if you built the battery into the car, it would keep it more secure, add a few pounds to the overall weight, but it could power the garage all night long after a days work, just plug it in at night

  2. many people have such idea
    but goverments and industrials will kill such projects regading taxes
    but they don’t know that the solar cars panels will be a booster for actual / running batteries to convert air to Hydrogen and oxygen and run the engibes / cars
    then they will give attention for its potential and good benefites for the economy , for people and for the future clean industry..
    you are bright man I do support it

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