A Green Pen

Mario Negovetich

I searched for the retail prices of the 12 most popular Brand of plastic ball pens in Australia.

The average price is $2.90. Australia uses and discards every year 50 million pens, at a cost of $145 million. All plastic pens should be green, with a replaceable ink filler. An ink filler cost wholesale $ 0.10, retail? $0.30? 50 million ink fillers at $0.30 cost $15 million, a savings of $130 million, every year.

Worldwide 12 billion plastic pens are used and discarded. Governments should promote the use of green pens.

Paper Receipts

Mark Hersey

I think some places should ask you if you want a receipt before they print one. Say you buy a coffee at a local coffee shop and the cashier hands you a receipt, what are you going to do with it? Throw it
away…right? It’s not like you’re going to return it and if you do it’s going to be right away so he/she should remember you.

Ff this idea could be could be introduced into restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops or any place you don’t need a receipts from, just imagine the paper we could save. Also the money that the company would save since they have to buy less receipt paper.