Tree Planting Partners

Davidson, SK Canada

Dozens of donation-based websites exist promoting tree planting, locally and globally. But as a city apartment dweller, if I really wanted to plant a tree myself, maybe this idea would work.

Let’s say I buy a nice Spartan apple tree from some guy on Craigslist. Then I walk around my neighbourhood and see if anyone with a little patch of sunny space would accept my gift of both the tree and its planting.

Who knows, I might make a new friend, and even feast on the fruit of this simple labour over the years to come.

Just an idea.

One thought on “Tree Planting Partners

  1. Where I live there’s a group that collects unwanted fruit from residential trees and distributes that to the food bank. It’s unbelievable how much fruit people will let fall to the ground, attracting wildlife and wasting a valuable resource.

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